Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked, and I’ve answered!

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Are you taking any orders?

Thanks for asking! I’m unable to take on any orders at this time. If I’m able to in the future, I’ll be sure to post about it on social media and share it in my weekly Newsletter!

Can I post your recipe on my website?

I have to ask that you please don’t copy and paste my recipes on to a different website, as it negatively affects the ranking of my website in search engines. However, I’d love it if you’d share or Pin my recipe through the share buttons at the top or bottom of each recipe post!

Can I use your recipe photo on my website?

You may share one of my recipe images with credit to Amycakes Bakes and a direct link back to the recipe. Thanks for sharing!

I have a question or am having trouble with one of your recipes.

Please contact me, or email me at [email protected] I want these recipes to turn out perfectly for you and I’d love to help you! You can also post a comment directly on the recipe page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

WHY are you sharing your secret bakery recipes?!?

After Amycakes Bakery closed, I knew I’d never be able to open another bakery, and I didn’t want my recipes to just be sitting in a binder in my closet. It’s been beyond rewarding seeing readers get excited about my recipes and share pictures of their creations. 🙂

When will you be posting my favorite Amycakes Bakery recipe?

I’m sharing at least one new bakery-style recipe and one mix-and-match recipe weekly! Each Amycakes Bakery recipe takes a lot of time to test extensively in my residential oven, but you can request a recipe by voting on your favorite–it helps me choose which recipe to focus on next!

What’s the difference between Bakery-Style Recipes and Mix and Match Recipes?

Bakery-Style Recipes are Amycakes Bakery recipes with all the components included (frostings/fillings/decorations/etc) from start to finish. I often include a detailed 3 minute video with these recipes. Bakery-style cake recipes are typically 8″ cakes (14 generous slices), but you can halve the recipe to make a 6″ cake.

Mix and Match Cake and Cupcake Recipes are small-batch recipes that give you the base recipe separately for each cake and cupcake flavor, frosting, and filling. Combine them however you choose just like we did at my bakery! I will also be sharing Featured Mix and Match Combinations. Mix-and-Match small-batch cake recipes make a 6″ cake (and have other size options). They may be doubled to make the 8″ cake like the Bakery-Style Cakes.

Where can I find just the recipe and tutorial videos?

I share all of my recipe videos and reels/shorts on my Amycakes Bakes Youtube Channel! Feel free to scroll through those videos–just click on the video description to get the link directly to the recipe.

How do you choose your Instant Clearjel brand and where do I buy it?

I am not affiliated with any Instant Clearjel brand, but I think the ingredient is an amazing baking resource. I currently use Hoosier Hill Farm Instant Clearjel after testing a few different brands. I choose to use that brand because I find it to 1) Provide even a little extra moisture, 2) Doesn’t clump quite as easily as other brands, 3)It’s a great price for 1.5 pounds, and 4) It comes in a resealable container. I’ve also had good results with Prepared Pantry and Ingredion brand. You are most likely to be able use any brand of Instant Clearjel, as long as it is labeled as “Instant.” You can buy it through Hoosier Hill Farm or on amazon.

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