Amazing Moist Snickerdoodle Cake

This delicious Snickerdoodle Cake was a popular layer cake at Amycakes Bakery!  Now we're sharing the recipe so you can make it at home!

 "After years of trying too many cake recipes, I feel so lucky to have come across yours. I finally have a cake that is truly fluffy, SO soft, and SO moist! Thank you so much for sharing your bakery secrets!"

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 - all-purpose flour  - sugar  - ground cinnamon  - almond extract  - vanilla extract  - cream cheese

Step-by-step instructions!

Follow our easy instructions for success!

Prepare the moist vanilla cake by blending the cake ingredients in a stand mixer, then folding in whipped egg whites to make a light, fluffy texture.


Spread the Snickerdoodle cake batter into your prepared cake pan(s).  We use the Cut and Stack method to cut our cake layers out with cake rings.


Blend the cream cheese cinnamon buttercream ingredients together until light and fluffy.


Layer the moist snickerdoodle cake layers with the fluffy cinnamon frosting, and decorate the cake with mini snickerdoodle cookies.


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