About Amycakes Bakery

The story behind this baking blog ❤️

Amycakes Bakery will always be a huge part of my story. My parents and I owned Amycakes for 11.5 years in Springfield, Missouri. We specialized in made-from-scratch and extra moist cakes, cupcakes, and cake truffles, sky-high pies and soft and gooey cinnamon rolls. We always focused on the taste and flavor more than anything else and put a lot of love into everything we made. After announcing that we were closing in February of 2021, we were blown away by the love and support from the Springfield community. We received kind words, emails and handwritten notes —it really meant the world to us that our treats made an impression!

Why did Amycakes Bakery close?

While it was sad that Amycakes closed, we can still view it as a successful 11.5 years in business. We are so grateful for the time that we had at Amycakes, including all that we learned and the support we received. Throughout the years we had a wonderful team of talented employees and we met some lovely and loyal customers and friends. Amycakes is even the reason I met my husband, as his small business at the time (Springfield Hot Glass Studio) was just around the corner. ❤️

We have had many people ask us why we closed, and it was an incredibly difficult decision. The pandemic was a hardship for so many small businesses—from ingredient and supply prices spiking, to spacing out in a small kitchen, to glove shortages, to keeping our staff safe and healthy, to wedding and event cancelations–it took its toll on us. But what it came down to was I needed to spend more time with little boys, and my parents were ready to retire. My hope moving forward is that this website will keep our recipes alive and give everyone the opportunity to keep eating Amycakes if they want to! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY are you sharing your secret recipes?!?!

Once we decided to close Amycakes, I realized I didn’t want my recipes to be tucked away in a binder for the rest of my life. After 11.5 years of tweaking and perfecting them, I think it will be exciting and freeing to share them and watch others bake them and enjoy them! If you make a treat using one of my recipes, I hope you will share a photo and tag @amycakesbakes on social media. It will make my day! ❤️

When will you be posting my favorite recipe?

I am currently formatting all of the favorite Amycakes recipes for your home kitchen. It is taking some time as I have to test out oven temperatures and cake pans, and take photographs and videos. Please request a recipe to let me know what you are hoping to bake at home, and sign up for my Newsletter to be notified when they are ready!

Will you still be baking things to sell on the side?

I am not taking any orders at this time. Please follow me on social media or sign up for my Newsletter to be notified if this is something I’m able to take on in the future.

Do you have a storefront anywhere?

Amycakes does not have a storefront. Our bakery closed in Springfield, MO in 2021 and any future baking I do will be from home. There are some other bakeries with similar names but we are not affiliated. ☺️

I kept all of the cards and emails from the sweet customers that wrote to us when they found out Amycakes Bakery was closing. If you were one of those people that reached out in some way, THANK YOU! It really motivated and inspired me to start this blog. The following quote was hand-written on a card from a dear customer after we announced we were closing:

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Meister Eckhart

Thank you for reading

Do you have questions about recipes? Would you like to work together? Feel free to message me for all inquires!

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