About Me

Hello bakers, I’m Amy! After owning Amycakes Bakery for over a decade, I realized I couldn’t give up on my obsession for baking and created this blog. You can be assured that my secret bakery recipes have been tested hundreds of times throughout the years. I want more than anything for them to bake perfectly in your own kitchen, and I’d love to hear how they turn out for you. Keep reading for a little bit more of my story. ❤️

Creating recipes has always been one of my FAVORITE things to do.  I love coming up with new flavor combinations and brainstorming about unique and delicious desserts.  When I was little I remember being obsessed with my Easy Bake Oven, and as I got older I would look forward to baking after school.  I even created a tiny recipe for two peanut butter cookies so that I could bake every day.

Amy at bakery

My grandma Hazel was always an inspiration to me growing up. Whenever we would visit she would have already prepared the most delicious made-from-scratch cakes and baked goods.  Some of my favorites were her chocolate angel food cake, chocolate sheet cake, and moist banana bread.  Any time we would visit I would spend a lot of time learning and baking in her kitchen.  Our family time started with planning the FOOD, and I loved when it was requested that I bring the dessert.

Grandma Hazel
The happiest time for me—with my kitchen “helpers.” ❤️

I opened Amycakes Bakery with my parents in 2009. We put our heart and souls into it, learned a lot, and met some amazing people during our 11.5 years in business.  Even though Amycakes closed in February of 2021, I wasn’t ready to give up on baking!   That’s how this blog was born.  It combines some of my favorite hobbies (recipe creating, baking and website editing), and gives me more time with my family while my boys are young. 

I am really excited about transitioning from holding tightly to these “secret” recipes, to sharing them with all of you including my tips, tricks and secret ingredients!  I’m planning to keep baking and decorating cakes for fun in my own kitchen and I hope you’ll join me!

Thank you for reading!

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