Baking Resources for Bakery-Style Desserts

Would you like to learn how to bake professional, bakery style cakes and treats at home? With these posts I’ll show you how to use my bakery recipes, baking techniques and secret ingredients to wow your guests. These tricks and methods that I used for over a decade at Amycakes Bakery can be easily incorporated in your home kitchen.

I want to dispel the myth that baking is hard or out of reach.  The methods that I use are sometimes unconventional and would perhaps be frowned upon by trained pastry chefs! While you could research an abundance of professional baking terms and the science of baking, I believe there is really no right or wrong way to bake. What matters at the end of the day is that you are happy with the finished product. And if you put your trust in me, I might just change the way you bake! ❤️ Some of my recipes are more complicated than others, and some of them are super simple and speedy. All of them can be baked to perfection by YOU by following these recommendations.

Baking Resources

  • Seven Secrets to Baking Incredibly Moist Cakes Every Time
    Let’s talk about cake. When you think of a delicious made-from-scratch cake, it should be dense and yet soft, with a moist, tender crumb. A cake baked from scratch usually has a much different texture than a grocery store cake or a cake mix cake (which is more light and airy and typically not as […]
  • Instant Clearjel: A Magical Little-known Bakery Ingredient
    Hello, lovely bakers! I have a sweet treat for you. It’s a secret ingredient that just might change the way you bake forever. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your kitchen, or you’ve been baking for decades, Instant Clearjel will be a game-changing ingredient in your baking. It has a few different aliases: ‘Clear Jel’, […]
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