The Ultimate filled Nutella Cupcakes

These soft and moist filled Nutella Cupcakes were a popular recipe at Amycakes Bakery!  Now you can bake them at home!

 "Oof, these are delicious. First thing I've baked from your blog. Made them for a potluck, I can't stop thinking about them. Had three people come up to me and say they were the best cupcakes they've ever had... "

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 - all-purpose flour  - sugar  - Nutella hazelnut spread  - Butter  - Buttermilk  - Cream Cheese

Step-by-step instructions!

Follow our easy instructions for success!

Bake your favorite yellow cupcakes in cupcake tins, or use our delicious extra-moist vanilla cupcake recipe.


Make the easy Nutella filling by combining Nutella hazelnut spread, chopped hazelnuts, and heavy cream.


Fill the cooled vanilla cupcakes with a generous amount of Nutella filling.


Make the Nutella buttercream frosting by blending the ingredients on high in a stand mixer.


Frost the Nutella-filled cupcakes with the creamy buttercream, and drizzle with a chocolate ganache drizzle.


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