Instant Clearjel: A Magical Bakery Ingredient

Hello, lovely bakers! I have a sweet treat for you. It’s a secret ingredient that just might change the way you bake forever.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your kitchen, or you’ve been baking for decades, Instant Clearjel will be a game-changing ingredient in your baking.

Five Reasons You Need it in Your Pantry!


Instant Clearjel is an easy addition to any pie filling. In almost any kind of fruit pie, incorporate Instant Clearjel and a few ounces of love and you have yourself a winner.


This moisture influences the texture of the cake as it bakes to give you a lovely moist texture and tender bite.


We use Instant Clearjel to take help with the thickening, the sugar part is up to you.


Your baked goods made with Instant Clearjel will not only turn out great, but they will keep in the freezer amazingly well.


It is a highly shelf-stable ingredient and can stay in your pantry for at least a year.

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