Ultra-Moist Double Chocolate Layer Cake

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Double chocolate is my absolute fave and MUST have! ❤️"--Andrea B.

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double chocolate cake slice

This bakery recipe for Double Chocolate Cake is truly one of my favorites–ultra-moist, rich and the perfect amount of chocolate. It’s a simple combination of three layers of chocolate cake sandwiched together with fluffy chocolate buttercream frosting. But the result is an irresistible moist and fudgy cake that’s perfect for any occasion. It was one of our most popular flavor requests at Amycakes Bakery.

Ultra Moist Double Chocolate Cake Slice

Mix and Match

This Amycakes recipe is a featured Mix and Match Recipe. That means that this flavor combination is composed from separate recipes that are linked in the recipe card at the bottom of this page.

Mix and Match recipes are meant to provide short-and-sweet, small-batch recipes. You can get creative with your flavor combinations just like we did at Amycakes Bakery!

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Instant Clearjel: the Secret Bakery Ingredient

The Secret Bakery Ingredient in this Recipe

This bakery recipe uses Instant ClearJel, a type of cornstarch that serves as both a thickener and a binder. It’s tasteless and has no artificial ingredients. It’s often used by professional bakers because it produces a smoother and glossier consistency than cornstarch, tapioca, or other starches. Even better, it enhances moisture and texture in cakes and thickens and stabilizes frostings.

Although it’s not often available in grocery stores, it’s sold in a variety of online stores. I use Prepared Pantry Instant Clearjel. (Prepared Pantry was kind enough to provide a generous coupon code for Amycakes Bakes readers–use the code AMYCAKES for 50% off this 18 oz Instant Clearjel. You can also find it at Nuts.com.

When using Instant Clearjel in baking, please make sure it is labeled as “INSTANT,” and always thoroughly whisk it with dry ingredients as described within the recipe.

5 steps to layer cakes like a pro

Layer this Cake using the Cut and Stack Method

I bake all my cakes in sheet pans and cut them out with cake rings. I talk about this in detail in 5 Easy Steps to Baking and Layering Cakes Like a Pro, but here’s a quick rundown:

1. Bake the Cake in a Sheet Pan
2. Cut Desired Cake Size with Cake Rings then Freeze
3. Layer the Cake from Frozen
4. Crumb Coat the Cake
5. Decorate and Serve

Serving and Storing Amycakes Bakes Cakes ⭐ 
Nearly all of my cakes are best at room temperature! They’ll still taste yummy out of the fridge, but will be firm and a different texture due to all the yummy butter in the cake and buttercream.  I want to make sure you enjoy the soft and moist cake texture that is intended by eating the cake at room temperature cake.  You can refrigerate the cake after decorating it, but allow it to come back to room temperature 2-3 hours before serving. (Keep in mind the buttercream can melt in warm conditions). I keep my leftover cake out of the fridge for up to 24 hours, but I’ll refrigerate or freeze anything that won’t get eaten within that time.  

I hope you enjoy this classic Double Chocolate Cake recipe! If you’d like to get creative with other chocolate flavor combinations, check out my other Mix and Match Recipes–Pair the moist chocolate cake with fudgy ganache filling and peanut butter buttercream (yes please!) or make a Chocolate Covered Strawberry cake by filling it with strawberry compote filling (mmmm). I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of whatever variety you try!

Thanks for Reading. ❤️

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double chocolate cake slice

Ultra-Moist Double Chocolate Layer Cake

Amycakes Bakes | amycakesbakes.com
This bakery recipe for Double Chocolate Cake is ultra-moist, rich and the perfect amount of chocolate. It’s a simple combination of three layers of chocolate cake sandwiched together with fluffy chocolate buttercream frosting. But the result is an irresistible moist and fudgy cake that’s perfect for any occasion.
Moist and fudgy Chocolate Cake paired with smooth and Fluffy Chocolate Buttercream. This "Mix and Match" delicious cake combination is an Amycakes Bakery recipe.
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Yields one 6" cake (1x) or one 8" cake (2x)

Select 1x or 2x within each recipe


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Decoration Ideas

  • I decorated this cake with a rustic homestyle texture using an offset spatula and making repeated "c" strokes (watch the recipe video). You could also frost the cake smooth and add a chocolate drizzle using my Easy Chocolate Ganache recipe.
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Recipes Used in this Mix and Match Combination:

Moist Chocolate Cake: a Mix & Match Bakery Recipe
Extra moist and fudgy chocolate cake with a soft and tender texture and the perfect amount of chocolate flavor. Made with just two bowls (no mixer required), this cake comes together quickly.
This is a Mix and Match Recipe–that means this recipe is for just the cake. It's meant to be combined with your favorite frosting and filling recipes. You can get creative with your flavor combinations just like we did at Amycakes Bakery!
Use the Cut and Stack Method to get the following:
1x batch yields one three-layer 6" cake cut from a 1/4 sheet pan
2x batch yields one three-layer 8" cake cut from a 1/2 sheet pan
You can also bake this cake in sheetcake pans or round cake pans–See my Cake Pan Chart.
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fluffy chocolate buttercream frosting
Fluffy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting: a Bakery Recipe
This bakery-style chocolate buttercream frosting is fluffy, and light with a rich but and creamy chocolate flavor. Use it to frost your favorite cake or cupcakes.
1x batch will frost and fill one 6" three-layer cake or about 14 cupcakes.
2x batch will frost and fill one 8" three-layer cake or about 28 dozen cupcakes.
If you have a kitchen scale, please select the grams (g) measurements for the most accurate results. If you don’t have a scale, no worries!–just be sure to “spoon and level” your dry ingredients.
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Chef Dennis
4 months ago

5 stars
We had this and it was really delicious!

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