Pie Crust with Egg and Vinegar

Easy to make Pie Crust that is flexible and pliable when rolling out. It creates a tender, flaky crust.


– Salted Butter – Egg – Cold Water – Apple Cider Vinegar – All-purpose Flour

Step-by-step instructions!

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The best thing about this pie crust recipe is we don't need any fancy equipment!

Whisk the lightly beaten egg, cold water, vinegar and cooled melted butter together (the butter should be room temperature or lukewarm at most, but not solidified).


Stick this liquid in the freezer or fridge while you prepare the flour part of the dough so that it stays cold.


In a separate large bowl, whisk the flour and salt together. Add the shortening to the flour.


Use a pastry cutter to cut the shortening into the flour until the shortening is pea-sized or smaller.


Get your cold egg mixture from the fridge and whisk (it should feel very cold to the touch).


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