Mini Buttercream Snowman Cake

This happy little Frosty the Snowman Cake is decorated entirely out of buttercream from his top hat to his festive scarf.


– Your Favorite Moist Cake – Cream Cheese – Salted Butter – Shortening – Powdered Sugar

Step-by-step instructions!

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You can make up to four mini 3-layer snowmen cakes, all from one ¼ sheet pan--I'll tell you how!

Cut out 3 small round cake layers and layer 1 mini 3-layer cake with your preferred buttercream. I used a 4" mini cake board as the base of the cake.


Crumb Coat the cake in white vanilla buttercream, then allow it to set up in the freezer for 10 minutes.


Divide the remaining vanilla buttercream and dye with a few drops of gel food color as follows.


¾ cup(s) dyed black, I used coal black. ½ cup(s) buttercream dyed bright red, I used super red.


½ cup(s) buttercream dyed bright green, I used leaf green and lemon yellow. 1 tablespoon(s) buttercream dyed orange, I used sunset orange and lemon yellow.


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