Classic Cream Cheese Frosting

This soft and creamy classic cream cheese frosting lets the cream cheese flavor really shine! This simple recipe pairs beautifully with spice cakes and old-fashioned banana cake.


– Cream Cheese – Salted Butter – Pure Vanilla Extract – Powdered Sugar

Step-by-step instructions!

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This is a quick and easy recipe with only four ingredients. It makes a delicious frosting that is best for simple frosting textures.

Using a stand mixer, beat the cream cheese until broken up and softened.


Add the room temperature salted butter and continue to beat, scraping the sides of the bowl as needed. Beat and scrape until there are no lumps.


While the mixer is on low, slowly add the powdered sugar mixture. until it's fully mixed in.


Add the pure vanilla, then scrape the bowl again beat on high for about one minute to add air into the cream cheese buttercream.


The frosting will seem soft at first, but it will thicken significantly when refrigerated.


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