Moist Strawberry and Blueberry Cake

This extra moist Strawberry and Blueberry cake was a popular Summer flavor at Amycakes Bakery! is always a crowd pleaser.  It's filled with a fresh strawberry and fresh blueberry cake filling


 - all-purpose flour  - sugar  - buttermilk  - eggs  - oil  - frozen strawberries  - frozen blueberries

Step-by-step instructions!

Follow our easy instructions for success!  And watch our recipe video for detailed intstructions!

Make the homemade vanilla cake batter in a stand mixer according to the recipe instructions.


Spread the vanilla cake batter into a prepared baking pan.  While the cake bakes, prepare the buttercream frosting and the homemade strawberry and blueberry fillings.


We're cutting this sheet cake with cake rings and turning it into a 3-layer cake.  It's easiest to layer the cake from frozen.


Frost a ring of buttercream around the sides of the cake, and fill it with your prepared fresh strawberry compote filling.


Fill the second cake layer with delicious fresh blueberry cake filling.  After crumbing and frosting the cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream frosting, decorate the cake with fresh strawberries and blueberries.


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