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I’ll be sharing at least one new Amycakes Bakery secret recipe each week! Request a recipe to help me decide which one to share next!

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Triple Chocolate Ganache Cake: a Secret Bakery Recipe

This secret bakery cake recipe is fudgy, moist, and dense with a rich chocolate flavor. It’s almost brownie-like with a thick and fudgy chocolate ganache filling. It’s delicious on its own, or perfect with a glass of milk, scoop of ice cream, or cup of coffee. This is the very first Amycakes Bakery recipe that I’m sharing! In addition to it being the 2nd most requested recipe (don’t worry friends, the most requested recipe is coming your way soon!), I wanted to share this one first because it is one of my easier cakes to bake.

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Amycakes Bakery was the bakery that I owned with my parents for 11.5 years. We specialized in made-from-scratch cakes, cupcakes cake truffles and cinnamon rolls.
Amycakes closed in February of 2021. The love we received after announcing we were closing just confirmed that I wanted to continue to share our recipes in some way in the future. 🥰

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